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Tuesday, February 27, 2018
By Andrea McDaniel Photography
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Remembering the BP Oil Spill  of 2010

I know a lot of my readers come to my blog to read about the gorgeous beaches we have here on the gulf coast and to look at photos to get inspiration for their photo sessions.  But the wildfires in California reminded me of the BP oil spill we had in 2010 and how we went from a thriving tourist town to suddenly the worst nightmare on earth. Encase anyone doesn't remember, the BP oil spill happened because of a flawed well plan and then a horrible blow out.  An estimated 184 million gallons of oil spilled into the gulf.  Fisheries, wildlife and tourism were all affected.  It was the worst thing I had ever witnessed,  thick oily water and then black oil clumps washing up and covering our beautiful white beaches, there wasn't anything I could do but sit there and cry.  The emails and phone calls started pouring in, one cancellation after another.  Business was over before it had even become peak tourist season.  Almost 8 years after the Deepwater Horizon spill, the affects still linger.  Officials had released 1.8 million gallons of Corexit into the Gulf before the well was even sealed.  Cleanup crews walked our beaches in hazmat gear picking up the clumps that washed ashore.  Almost 8 years later people are suffering from migraines, anxiety, seizures, dizziness, neurological problems, depression and nerve damage.  Some clean-up crews wives experience missed periods, or even stopped having menstrual cycles all together which was linked to washing their husbands oil-drenched clothes.  But this post isn't supposed to be about the BP Oil spill of 2010.  This is about the California Wildfires. 



Wine Country Weddings are waiting for you!

I feel California's pain.  We didn't have to evacuate in horror due to sparking flames, horrible smoke, falling trees and raging fire.  Weddings in the Wine Country are big business, just like here at home. The seventeen fires that raged across the state of California burned at least 245,000 acres and forced thousands to evacuate from their homes in complete and utter fear for their lives.  It's estimated that about 9,800 structures were destroyed by the raging fires and that damages cost about $9.4 billion across the state.  But,

I'm here to tell you the wineries are open for business! 

Yes, that's correct.  the wine country is as beautiful as ever.  While the fires were a terribly, tragic disaster the damage to Napa Valley wine country was not widespread.

Take a look at these recent gorgeous photos provided to me. I mean, who on earth wouldn't want to get married overlooking the beautiful vineyards and have their reception at a stunning country estate? 

Samar Hattar at Blissful Event Planning is ready to help you plan your perfect day.  With 11 years of experience, Samar has produced amazing weddings for both US and international brides.  Visit her blog post about Beautiful Wine Country Weddings.  And if you want to, perhaps show some love on social media, you can follow her Instagram or Facebook page.

So if you have a friend planning a wedding in the California area, send them to Samar for all their wedding planning needs. 

And Samar, if our tourist and wedding industry made it through the horrible BP oil spill, I'm confident you guys will too!